Geopolymer Solutions has engineered the longest lasting acid resistant and heat resistant concrete on earth. The geopolymer is a Cold Fusion concrete with zero percent Portland cement. Our Geopolymer concrete is a more economical, more durable, and more environmentally friendly concrete with a carbon footprint of only about 10% of Portland cement, which is the current building standard. Our Geopolymer is made from recycling coal-ash and other byproducts of industrial incineration. We convert hundreds of millions of tons of these industrial byproducts that are currently going into landfills into a valuable commercial product that can be used in a rapidly growing construction market.
Our geopolymer is:

• Resistant to flood. Our mesopore concrete does not allow large water molecules to diffuse through its barrier.
• Inert to severe corrosive environment and acidic rain.
• Fire resistant up to 3200F
• Superior thermal resistance that will save up 40% on cooling and heating HVAC energy consumption.
• Composite fibrous geopolymer is 3 to 5 times stronger than convectional concrete that eliminates rebars on exterior and interior building wall.
• Self-healing material when cracks have accrued
• Our 3D print material is green with zero waste products, thus fighting our global
Construction & Demolition waste impact.

• Recyclable smart crusher can transform 3D print material to sand, gravel, and cement so the house can be renewable and recyclable.
• 3D Material is tested per ASTM-C1314, & ASTM C293 (uniform fracture, no cold joint)
• Ability to resist earthquake, 5-7 times stronger than conventional concrete.

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