Our goal is to build a better world.
We believe in revolutionizing the construction business by providing 3D printed commercial and residential building to our clients.

Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the average construction project has 30% waste of raw materials, and that the cost of construction has increased by 17.5% in the last year due to an increase in labor and cost of materials. This has been the largest spike in cost of construction since 1970. At Buildliner, we use the latest 3D printing technology and patented concrete geopolymer raw material to print buildings to the exact dimension. This not only reduces our carbon footprint by reducing waste of raw materials, but also reduces our economic burden by reducing labor costs.

The average residential home takes only 2-3 months to complete with Buildliner, compared to the national average of 9-12 months when done with regular construction methods.
Our patented geopolymer is fire, flood, and earthquake resistance above the current building standards for the United States.

Our team of engineers have a combined
+100 years in international property development and use modern architectural designs to create buildings that are both aesthetically beautiful and sustainable for the environment and our future generations.
The main goal of the Buildliner is to make the best possible effort to reach the client’s objectives of quality, costs and delivery reliability. We would like to vividly support our internal and external customers by offering the highest possible flexibility and innovativeness.

We gage our product against our customers’ satisfaction and their happiness.